Saturday, April 02, 2005

Sicily Visitor #1

I asked some of my visitors to share their impressions of Sicily here. All of them were first-time visitors to the island. Here's the first . . .

Hello Blogger,

What was my impression of Sicily? Well, besides awesome, I found it to be exciting, charming, unique, colorful, laid-back, and friendly. I had no expectation, but after visiting, I want to come back and see more, especially of the coast, beaches, temples, churches, food, wine, and the people.

What surprised me was the driving pattern of the Sicilians . . . just close your eyes (make no eye contact) and go! I thought it would be cleaner. At first, the trash along the roadside was disturbing to me. Later, I noticed but it didn't bother me because of understanding what is important to the people--inside of the homes is more important than the outside.

What did I like the most? The wine, food, shopping, weather, culture, Mt. Etna, the coast, boats, fountains, the cultural influence from the Normans, Germans, Etruscans, Greeks, Spanish, and, most importantly, that it is still thirty years behind.

Would I come back? Yes, in a second. What would I like to see or do? See more of the island, traditions of the towns, outside markets, relics, and museums. Besides, the constitution was passed on Dec. 11, 1947, my birthday!! Thanks for asking, I hope my answers gets me a glass of red wine . . .




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