Monday, August 30, 2004

Ceramics of Sicily

Sooner or later, anyone who lives in Sicily, as well as many visitors, becomes enamored with the ceramics made here. There are many types, but one of the primary centers for production is Caltagirone, only about 40 miles from Sigonella. The hand-painted ceramics are primarily in blue and gold, and the most common motifs are lemons, sunflowers, pomegranates, olives, birds, religious figures, sun and moon, and "heads." By "heads," I mean they make pots and cups in the shape of men's and women's heads of the various cultures who have lived in Sicily, like the Arabs, Greeks, and Romans. It sounds odd but is really very cool. They also make gorgeous ceramic tops on lava rock (there's no lack of that in Sicily), usually with wrought-iron legs. You can special order anything you want. In fact, my principal has a high kitchen table that was hand-painted to match her dishes. I am waiting to get into my place before I start to splurge on these things, but I have plenty of room since I put LOTS in storage upon leaving Germany.


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