Thursday, August 05, 2004

Peace and goodwill

Monday morning was sunny and heated up quickly. We had a great breakfast at the Viest, used my one and only 20 liters of Italian gas coupon (Thanks, MB!) and drove on the autostrada past Padua, Bologna, and Florence on to the small, beautiful town of Assisi. We only traveled 250 miles or so, but it was more heavy traffic and lots of tolls. Assisi is about 30 miles off the beaten path, but in the direction of Rome. We got there mid-afternoon and spent about five hours exploring this wonderful place. We saw the Temple of Minerva, the graves of St. Francis and St. Clare, the fabulous Giotto frescoes in the Francis Church, and walked all over the town (which is up and down and cobblestoned, by the way). It was so beautiful, we didn't want to leave, so we found a little country hotel outside of the town just a bit and, after ensuring that they had air conditioning and a restaurant, checked in and enjoyed a shower, AC, and a great meal. They didn't speak much English there, but all was well. We ate very well once again and fell fast asleep. The hotel was called the Hotel Campiglione and the letters "HC" were everywhere. This was a sign for Alison (Holy Cross!). Of course, we took photos.

"Peace and goodwill" is a St Francis saying that we found in every language on every kind of souvenir. We liked that. On past Rome & Naples tomorrow.


At August 06, 2004 2:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey you two!! I made another comment on the first entry, but decided to write again so you could might notice it faster. What a wonderful trip you two are having!!! I'm glad that you got beyond the Staus and were able to move on. Assisi is a wonderful town, and we really enjoyed it too. Can't wait to hear more about your adventure and about living in Sicily. Love,


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