Saturday, April 02, 2005

Sicily Visitors #2

1. First impression: Everything is bigger than we expected. Sicily is an island (Duh!), but the water around it seems to have increased its expanse and interest. Even Maryellen's horoscope while we were visiting -- "you don't have to live on an island" -- seems both funny (yes you do have to live on an island) and appropriate, because Sicily is so big in size and culture.

2. Surprised: Three things: First, the preservation of the ancient history, despite being under constant influence/attack from outside forces. Second, how the outside of buildings look like prisons and the insides are so lovely. Lastly, how people live in Nicolosi with an active VOLCANO at their doorstep!

3. We really enjoyed the Roman Hunting Lodge Bath Mosaics. It was probably the Disney World for adults of the ancient world. After a tough gladiator match -- "I'm going to Sicily!!!"

4. Yes, since we survived the "suicide lanes" and traffic circles it appears that we are fated to return. We still have to see Palermo and sights out west.

Thanks for hosting us and Gwen -- it was a super trip! Joan and I will have a Captain Morgan special and limoncella!

Best wishes,Bill and Joan


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