Friday, February 08, 2008

A horse is a horse, or maybe a course . . .

In Sicily, horsemeat is a common meat right up there with beef, pork, and lamb. In the big supermarkets, it's just another meat counter, labeled EQUINE. Many people really like the meat, as it is very lean and free of hormones and other things they have in beef and pork, for instance. There are all kinds of cuts (see butcher photo in a horsemeat shop), but it seems best cut very, very thin and then grilled briefly, just enough to cook it. That is how we had it, on crusty bread, at the Agatha festival in Catania last week.

Where they get the horses, I have no idea, but I've never seen them being raised, only used for racing or farming or pulling Sicilian carts.

My friend Michael says, "I don't eat Flicka." Of course, he doesn't eat rabbit either.


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