Friday, August 06, 2004

Shana and Kendra

It was unfortunate that Shana had to fly back to Germany the morning after arriving. It made me sad to see her off at the airport in Catania not knowing when I'd see her again or when she would get back to Sicily. She wants to save up a lot of her leave time to take a summer language course next summer. Hopefully, though, she and I can find a way to make another visit happen sooner rather than later.

I can't say enough good things about my sponsor, Kendra, who has spent enormous amounts of time and energy helping me get what I need and get the things done that need to be done! She's the ideal person to do this--organized, efficient, energetic, determined, caring, and sensible. She has a great sense of humor and know *everything* to boot! Plus, she can maneuver her SUV through, around, over, and into any Sicilian road, lane, alley, or motorway. It's going to be great to team teach the Integrated World History/Honors English 10 class with her. AND, our rooms are right across the hall from each other.

So, on the first full day there, I registered in Housing (there are places available and appointments were made), met with the principal and assistant, drove to NAS II (the other part of Sigonella base) to temporarily register my car and make another appointment, worked on my BLOG , saw several houses currently occupied by various teachers, helped Kendra move a carful of things to her new house, and had yet another Italian dinner up in Nicolosi (perhaps my future home). This little town is about the cutest I've seen in Sicily. No kidding! I didn't get home till after midnight, but WHAT a good day.


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