Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Gilbert on Syracuse (Siracusa)

"I love this town immediately. There are three thousand years of history under my feet in Syracuse. It's a place of such ancient civilization that it makes Rome look like Dallas. Myth says that Daedalus flew here from Crete and that Hercules once slept here. Syracuse was a Greek colony that Thucydides called 'a city not in the least inferior to Athens itself.' Syracuse is the link between ancient Greece and ancient Rome. Many great playwrights and scientists of antiquity lived here. Plato thought it would be the ideal location for a utopian experiment where perhaps 'by some divine fate' rulers might become philosophers, and philosophers might become rulers. Historians say that rhetoric was invented in Syracuse, and also (and this is just a minor thing) plot.

"I walk through the markets of the crumbly town and my heart aches with a love I can't answer or explain as I watch an old guy in a block wool hat gut a fish for a customer (he has stuck his cigarette in his lips for safekeeping the way a seamstress keeps her pins in her mouth as she sews; his knife works with devotional perfection on the fillets). Shyly, I ask this fisherman where I should eat tonight, and I leave our conversation clutching yet another little piece of paper, directing me to a little restaurant with no name . . . . " from Eat, Pray, Love

More of my photos of Siracusa here and here.


At March 11, 2008 10:43 PM, Blogger Bob said...

Hi -- I am very excited to find your wonderful blog and photos! My wife and I just returned from a short visit to Sicily (only a week) and we loved it.... I'm slowly posting photos from the trip at . We had one day in Palermo, six in Catania -- with day trips on Circumetnea, to Taormina, and to Siracusa. Nice to meet you! :-)



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