Saturday, May 03, 2008

Think your gas is expensive?

Today's price for gas per gallon in Atlanta, GA, is $3.30 for regular and $3.63 for premium. Everyday I hear or read about Americans complaining about these prices. It has even become a campaign issue.

Whatever the reason for the prices, it's unlikely they will come down. They never do.

But Americans, count your blessings! Everyone else in the world pays a lot more, especially Europeans, and especially Italians. Even we Americans in Sicily who can buy gas coupons on base are paying $4.16/gallon (that's $111 for 100 liters). It now costs me over $40 to fill up the Mini!

But Sicilians are really taking a hit. Sold by the liter, today's stations were showing 1.459 euros per liter, which, coupled with the lousy dollar rate, translates to $8.81/gallon! Who can even afford to drive? Even a little Fiat 500? And they have no regular or super here, just one type of unleaded.

The moral of the story--things could always be worse. Let's just hope they don't GET that way.


At May 04, 2008 4:16 PM, Blogger Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi Thanks for calling into my blog and the lovely message.

We pay lots over a �1 a litre..luckily we don;t have to drive far, live down the road from work. I don't drive anyway, so walk to work, walk to town or cycle.

At May 04, 2008 4:17 PM, Blogger Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Forgot to say, have you ever looked at my friends blog... She lives in Modica and is a teacher.


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