Sunday, October 19, 2008

Alison's R&R Lunch at Lisa and Onorio's

When Alison arrived in Sicily for the start of her R&R from Iraq, I was in Romania, so my friends took care of her for the afternoon. Kendra picked her up at the Catania airport and whisked her away, top down, of course, to Lisa and Onorio's house. It was Lisa's birthday!

Here is Lisa's description of the lunch: "Well, we started with a prosecco. Onorio was out grilling the beasts we were about to partake of. They included the following: two Florentine steaks (extremely thick), two large turkey thighs, eight sausages, one salami, and one whole chicken. (This for four people, mind you.)

"In addition, he made the Florentine special called Fetunta. In Sicily, they call it bruschetta, but ours is brushed with a garlic cloves, grilled, and then olive oil is poured over it with some salt. Then, for veggies, it was a tomato, onion and zucchini salad, and then my famous beet salad. For dessert, it was cannolis as they couldn't make my birthday cake . . . .

"Then, we made our way to the digestivos . . . which your daughter tried them all. :) ,then coffee. I forgot to bring out the blueberry pie and Onorio forgot to bring out the antipasto . . . which was prosciutto and salami. I thought we were missing something when we were drinking the prosecco. Oh, well.

"Then, I put her in the shower. I didn't know what kind of water pressure you would have at home, so I told her that she would see Jesus in my shower with such hot water and super-duper water pressure. She did say that she saw Jesus."


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