Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Top 10 Travel Memories of 2008 in the style of Rick Steves

I recently read Rick Steves' Top 10 Travel Memories of 2008 and thought, "Hey! I can match that!" At my age, though, they may not be the "top" 10, but just any 10 I might recall! So here we go (in no particular order):

1) Eating granita and a warm brioche for Sunday breakfast in August with friends at my favorite local bar here in Nicolosi. Technically, this is not "travel," but it is Sicily and I won't be here forever!

2) Being taken in from a soaking, driving rain by the owner of a restaurant that was actually closed in Piazza Armerina and being given a wonderful lunch. And there were six of us!

3) Backing out of a dead-end, uphill, narrow street in Sicily with the help of the locals who were probably thinking, "Who ARE these people?

4) Visiting Moldavian painted monasteries in Romania.

5) Immersing myself in the Gaudi architecture of Barcelona. What a genius! He had to have influenced Hundertwasser!

6) Slip-sliding on the Rodelbahn in the Austrian Alps. Why did I never do this before? Thanks, Bob.

7) Being charmed by Chattanooga with its unexpected treasures . . . the riverfront, the art.

8) Touring the Thousand Islands mansions on the St. Lawrence by boat with Alison and Randy. And finding out where Thousand Island dressing comes from.

9) Taking fifty students to the Greek theater in Siracusa to see an original Greek play and returning with the same students.

10) Returning to Erice and still not finding the Phoenician carvings. But we did see a green dog! :-)

There you have it! Let's see what 2009 will bring.



At December 23, 2008 10:53 PM, Blogger Costa Bella said...

LOVE YOUR HUMOR!!! I just love Sicily so thanks for the awesome pics!!!

At March 29, 2009 3:40 PM, Anonymous Miss Han Ismail said...

Brings back my own beautiful memories of trips to the island - thank you. You are so very lucky to be living there!!

Something that might interest you and readers of your blog - this is a new collection of poetry about Sicily. I hope you like Trecastagni and Aci Trezza as they are so close to where you are! I'll confess to knowing the poet - he'll have to get to Nicosia and write about your hometown next!

All the best,

Han Ismail

At February 25, 2010 10:21 PM, Anonymous Ainsley said...

I lived in Nicolosi for about 2 years before i moved to acireale, then back to the states. i was young and have no pictures... there is nothing i would appreciate more than to see more. is there any way you could send me some? my email, its strange i know, is
thank you, my fondest memories were on that island, and i miss it with every fiber of my being...



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