Monday, August 09, 2004

A day on the beach

One thing Sicily has plenty of is BEACH! On Sunday, I went to one of the nicest with my principal Marj, assistant principal Connie, Kendra, and Mike. We left early in the morning (for a Sunday it was early) in an attempt to beat some of the beach traffic and get a reasonable parking place--both very challenging. The nicest beaches are between Catania and Messina, especially in the Taormina area. So, our strategy worked and we were there early enough to get great parking and beat the rush.

The beach that Marj chose for us is a private one called Lido Caparena and owned by the hotel of the same name. *Very* posh! It cost 8 Euros each (about $10) to get in, but that buys the use of a beach chair, umbrella, table, showers, changing rooms, rest rooms, and lifeguards. There is also a wonderful restaurant for lunch or drinks.

We settled in our comfy chairs and spent the entire day sunning, dozing in the shade, reading, swimming in the crystal clear cool Mediterranean (actually the Ionian Sea), people watching, talking, and bartering with the vendors for towels, beachwear, jewelry, etc. We wandered up to the restaurant for a lunch unlike any I had ever had at the beach. And, it was reasonable! We enjoyed risotto, seafood salads, grilled tuna, wine, desserts, and Italian coffee. More beach time before washing off the salt and heading home. This should be a regular Sunday event as long as the weather is nice.


At August 12, 2004 4:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maryellen - Your blog spot is fun. I especially enjoy the postings with pictures. Your day at the beach sounded wonderful. Posh is good.

It is cold in IL. Tomorrow will be a high of 60-ish.

Cat has a big strike vote on Sunday. The union may not accept the last, final, + best offer. Check Monday for an update.

My last trip was not nearly as exciting as yours. We went to Madison for a golf out at the Univeristy Ridge course. We had fun, but didn't play that great. We were four over par. It's a terrific course. You can view it at

More later...........pam


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