Friday, February 02, 2007

An Issue with Plugs

Anyone who has lived in Europe (the continent of extension cords, adaptors, and transformers) will appreciate this message to staff from our computer guy today:


With the move to the new building, we have an issue with plugs.

We have many German style plugs from the old building that are not supposed to be plugged into the sockets in this building without an adapter.
German plug, DO NOT INSERT INTO SOCKET. They will go in if you shove them in, but when you pull them out, you stand the chance of pulling the whole socket out of the wall.

Two styles of adaptor to use. A three prong or two prong adaptor. The three prong one has a center ground. Both will work.
And here is the proper way to use a German plug in and Italian socket.
I will be making a sweep around the buildings with some adaptors to make sure your electrical connection needs are met.

Anthony J. Waldbillig
Educational Technologist
Sigonella M/HS
Sigonella Naval Air Station
Catania, Sicilia, Italy
DSN 624-3214
CELL (39) 335 773 9708