Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Teatri Greci


Most Americans never get any closer to an ancient Greek temple or theater than the Travel Channel.


Here in Sicily, we have the chance to see them, walk inside them, feel them, and see performances in them. And all of these I have been privileged to do.

Herakleia Minoa, under an ugly cover to protect it

After attending my second performance at the Greek theater in Siracusa in June, I began to wonder if there were other theaters in Sicily that I hadn't seen.

Siracusa, home to ancient Greek plays each summer

I already knew I'd seen all the remaining temples, but were there more theaters? I had been to those at Taormina, Segesta, Tindari, and Siracusa. Were there more?

Taormina, home to rock stars, the most famous theater in Sicily

I looked in The Greeks in Sicily and found that there were two others. I made it my mission to see them, too.

Acre, the smallest and most remote

All are over 2,000 years old, and here they all are!